Ronn Moss

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Ridge Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful


3/4/1952, Los Angeles, California, USA

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  • Ronn Moss stars as Ridge Forrester, the handsome eldest son of Eric and Stephanie Forrester. Ronn is one of the original cast members of The Bold and the Beautiful, playing an intrigal role in the majority of the front-burner story lines. Ronn was born in Los Angeles, California and currently resides in Hollywood, California. When he was only eleven years old, Ronn learned to play the drums, then the guitar and electric bass. When he was only a teenager, he began to form bands and started playing in local clubs and bars. In 1976, Ronn joined with three other musicians to form the popular band, "Player." The group soon signed with RSO Records and was able to produce two of their most popular albums, "Player" and "Danger Zone." Many fans will remember their number one hit, "Baby Come Back," which earned the group a spot on Billboard's honour roll of best new singles artist of 1978.moreless

    Birth Name:

    Ronn Montague Moss



    Birth Place:

    Los Angeles, California, USA

    Also Known As

    Ron Moss

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    • Ronn: What is my advice to Ridge? Just leave Brooke alone and get on with your life. There's gotta be other women in LA, besides the one who has two kids with your dad!

    • Ronn: (his affinity with Australia) It’s great coming here and having everyone understand my sense of humour, because I share a sense of humour with Australians - that Aussie sensibility of not taking yourself too seriously. That really appeals to me. When I make a joke in Europe they’re like, “huh?’ because in Italian it means something rude about your mother! I have to be careful overseas, so that’s what I love about Australia - I can be myself here.

    • Ronn: (when asked if there have been storylines on The Bold and the Beautiful he just didn't want to do) We had the one with Ridge and Bridget. It was a bit dicey getting into that territory being that I had delivered her in the cabin when she was born. Then I thought she was my daughter, then I found out she was my half-sister, and then it turned into a romantic thing when she grew up in just a couple of years.

    • Ronn: (when asked if people treat him as his The Bold and the Beautiful character, Ridge Forrester) Oh yeah, they call the studio switchboard constantly and ask for the characters. We have a poor lady whose job it is to convince them we're actors and we're busy at work right now! And they ask for bizarre stuff - we aren't even told the weird things that the crazed fans ask for.

    • Ronn: My 12-year-old is already going on 17. I thought I was going to be spared a couple more years, but it’s started already. The other day I got, ‘Dad, I’m not a kid any more!’ But I’m there with her. I’m a very hands-on dad. I like being with them as much as possible. I’m happiest at home barbecuing with my girls.

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    • One of Ronn's favorite celebrity encounters was meeting Dick Van Dyke.

    • As at October 2006, Ronn was just one of four original cast members on The Bold and the Beautiful.

    • In 2006, Ronn featured in a television commercial for 'Berri', an Australian orange juice producer. The punch line of the advertisement was "you can tell when it's not all Aussie"; a line intended to show (in jest) that while Ronn has long standing connections with Australia, his Hollywood career has resulted in his persona differing significantly from that of the cliché Australian male.

    • In 2006, a campaign surfaced in Australia to vote Ronn as 'Australian of the Year'.

    • The Australian edition of Ronn’s 2000 album includes a new duet of the original hit Baby Come Back & two bonus tracks, That's When I'll Be Gone & Mountain.

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