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  • Roselyn Sanchez: Even though the stuff I'm doing right now is relatively easy, I think in the future I would love to play things that have nothing to do with me and that's good.

  • Reporter: Since you play a dance instructor, how good of a dancer are you yourself? Roselyn Sanchez: I am a great dancer! (laughs) I've been dancing since I was four years old.

  • Reporter: What's next for you? Roselyn: Well, I'm a spokesperson for Mountain Dew, so after I finish this, I am going to New York to shoot the first commercial, and that's gonna be huge, hopefully.

  • Reporter: How was it working with Forest Whitaker (the producer of the film)? Roselyn: Forest was great. He was really hands on and a guiding hand throughout the process.

  • Reporter: You are Puerto Rican. Tell me about some of your favorite things you love about the island. Roselyn: I love my mom’s cooking immensely.

  • Reporter: What do you love about acting? Roselyn: I think it's fascinating. All my life I've been performing and just the fact that you can play all these different roles that are so removed from who you are.

  • Reporter: How did you go from beauty pageants and modeling to acting? Roselyn: I don't know. One thing led to the other.

  • Reporter: Does Hollywood treat you differently now? Roselyn: Sometimes. That’s part of the game. You know how it is when you’re struggling and when you’re trying, trying, trying.

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Trivia (22)

  • Roselyn was ranked #70 in Maxim's Hot 100 Women 2008.

  • Roselyn appeared in commercials and music videos at the young age of 15.

  • She appeared in the music video "Make Me Better" by Fabulous.

  • When she was a kid, she wanted to be a professional boxer.

  • She was ranked #33 on the Maxim magazine "2007 Hot 100" list.

  • She appeared on the cover of the May 2007 issue of Maxim magazine.

  • She appeared nude in a PETA ad in support of anti-fur campaign efforts.

  • Her Nickname is "PoPi"

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