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  • Rove: (asked what his first thought was when he won a Logie in 2007) I thought Ashton Kutcher was going to come out and say I was punk'd! But when I realised that he wasn't an international guest this year, I figured I was safe.

  • Rove: Not many people get their soul mate or a love that can withstand just about anything. Not many people find the one person whom they see as a completion in themselves. I had that with Belle as she and I shared some truly amazing times, and I thank her for every blessed moment I got to have with her.

  • Rove: (About telling his parents he's moving to Melbourne) I'm sure they were thinking, 'Our sons gone mental'.

  • Rove: (About everybody calling him "Rove") My sister called me that when I was younger and it's what everyone has called me for as long as I can remember. It was just a nickname I was given as a kid and it stuck.

  • Rove: I wouldn't mind if guests did have too much to drink occasionally. It would make them very affectionate.

  • Rove: I’m frighteningly feminine. Which isn’t something you need to know too much about. It was one thing to put on an outfit and look very much like a guy in drag, but to actually put on an outfit and look like a woman is a little comforting.

  • Rove (on his New Year Resolution): To grow some chest hair, so I no longer have to grow my armpit hair really long and comb it over.

  • Rove: I’m not a performing monkey... although sometimes I do look like one.

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  • Rove is colour-blind.

  • Rove is the host of Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? (Australia).

  • Rove worked with Carrie Bickmore, Peter Helliar, Ryan Shelton and Dave Hughes on his show, Rove [Live].

  • Rove has also done some ads for Solo soft drink and has appeared on Hahn Ice Headliners on Pay TV.

  • Rove won the 2007 TV Week Silver Logie award for 'Most Popular Presenter' for Rove Live.

  • Rove is previously worked as an executive producer on Before the Game and SkitHouse.

  • Rove had a short cameo appearance as himself in the Network Ten drama series' The Secret Life of Us and Neighbours.

  • His show, Rove [live] shown on late nights at 11pm on the Nine Network only lasted 10 weeks before Nine executives gave it the plug, even though ratings showed it was going strong for the 16-39 demographic age group.

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