Ruth Wilson

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  • Ruth debuted in Howard Davies' production of Philistines, in Summer 2007 at the National Theatre.

  • Ruth: I really love clothes, but I think I have a style of my own which is quite eclectic. I love shopping around Brick Lane and areas like that. I'll look in old retro shops, but I'm not a massive spendthrift. I hold back. I make do. I love little summer dresses from second-hand shops or 1950s tops worn with jeans.

  • Ruth: For me, there is a stigma attached to playing beautiful parts. They are often empty characters whom the action happens around. I’m more drawn to characters with a complex internal life, who have a burning frustration underneath that keeps them going

  • (On her choice of career) Ruth: I always vaguely knew I wanted to perform, but I haven’t got the greatest singing voice and my dancing isn’t up to scratch. Acting was really the only alternative. My parents have been really supportive throughout.

  • (on her future plans) Ruth: I’d quite like to do a film but I’d also love to do more theatre. I want to keep challenging myself with good roles. It’s harder for women because there aren’t as many challenging roles.

  • (On what she might be, if not an actress) Ruth: I always loved the idea of opening a teashop with cakes and wine and some books to read. Maybe one day, when it all goes wrong, that’s what I’ll end up doing.

  • Ruth: "The worst thing was going round the room saying what you are doing - I just felt really humble saying, 'I'm Ruth Wilson, I'm playing Jane Eyre.'" (At the first script read-through for BBC drama 'Jane Eyre')

  • Ruth: It's suddenly hitting me now really, with all the publicity and everything like that. I am incredibly lucky to have landed this part." (On BBC drama 'Jane Eyre')

Trivia (11)

  • 2015 Golden Globe best actress for The Affair.

  • In December 2007, Ruth was nominated for a Golden Globe in the category, Actress, Miniseries or Movie for her eponymous role in Jane Eyre (Masterpiece Theatre).

  • Ruth set up Hush Productions with some acting friends. They took a production to New York after winning four stars at the Edinburgh Festival.

  • During the 13 weeks of filming of Jane Eyre in Derbyshire, Ruth shared a trailer with co-star Toby Stephens.

  • Ruth did some jewellery modelling for a Sri Lankan charity of craftspeople, set up to help the victims of the Tsunami.

  • Ruth Wilson presented the 2007 Lilian Baylis Awards at a ceremony at the Old Vic Theatre. The two £1,400 prizes are given to promising second year drama students in London.

  • Ruth did some modelling work as a teenager.

  • Ruth has three older brothers, and she claims that she is very competitive, thanks to them.

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