Santiago Cabrera

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Aramis on The Musketeers


5/5/1978, Caracas, Venezuela

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  • Santiago Cabrera, as the middle child in the family of a Chilean diplomat and his wife, lived all around the world. The family lived in Toronto, London, Madrid and Romania they returned to stay in Chile when Santiago was 15. This early travel aided Santiago in becoming fluent in Spanish, English, French and Italian. Santiago excelled at soccer, being made captain of his team. His high school drama teacher convinced Santiago to try acting. While in high school he played the role of Mozart in “Amadeus”. On soccer scholarships Santiago attended two Chilean colleges before deciding to take a year away in Europe. During this time he changed his focus to performing and entered the prestigious London’s Drama Centre in September 2000. While still at the school he began working in television with small roles in the London series “Battles of Britain,” “Judge John Deed,” “Spooks” and “As If.” After graduating from the London Drama Centre, Santiago took on the role of Montano in Shakespeare’s “Othello,” at the Northampton Theatre Royal. Recently Santiago was recently seen on BBC America in the ShakespeaRe-Told series in “The Taming of the Shrew”. Santiago Cabrera is in the cast of “Love and Other Disasters” which was well received at the (2006) Toronto Film Festival. He is also participating in the second and third movies of the Goal! series.moreless

    Birth Name:

    Santiago Cabrera



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    Caracas, Venezuela

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    • Santiago: On my first day back after the holidays, Wendi, my makeup artist, showed me a copy of the Heroes feature in SCI FI magazine in the makeup trailer. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Thank you, SCI FI magazine. Now how am I gonna live up to that? One of 10 sexist men to watch. Tough question. Maybe this can bring on a whole new world for Isaac. I could ask the writers to give him some steamy shower scenes, and if that doesn’t work, they could always make him a doctor.

    • Santiago: (About the comic books Tim Sale gave to him) He gave me a few issues of his and Jeph’s Daredevil: Yellow. He gave me a collection of different kinds of drawings which were things that weren’t necessarily out in the stands. He gave me a Batman as well. Daredevil is something I really love. I didn’t really know Daredevil before. I just find it fascinating so I’ve been buying my own lately.

    • Santiago: Well you never know. Isaac is a very crucial character and what I loved about this part is that he’s still full of surprises. He’s someone that can go anywhere and you never know what direction he’s going to go. You can take him different places. There’s a lot of depth to him and a lot of layers to this part so I’m thinking yes, but there’s no guarantee for anybody.

    • Santiago: (On working with Tim Sale and Jeff Loeb) Yeah and I have. After I met Tim, he gave me a few of his comics. Since I’m playing a guy who actually does comics himself I’ve been reading more comic books and trying to get more into it. Comics are much grittier than I thought.

    • Santiago: Yeah, they are. There’s a happy vibe. Yesterday we went to a TV Guide photo shoot and everyone was there. It’s a good feeling. People really feel good about what they’re doing and they feel like they’re involved in something special.

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    • Santiago is the narrator for Heroes Unmasked season 3 a British show that goes behind the scenes for the show Heroes.

    • Santiago won the "Future Classic Award" for Heroes in 2007.

    • Santiago played the role of Simon in the 2007 movie Caleuche: El Llamado del Mar.

    • Santiago was raised in London.

    • Santiago is half-Canadian.

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