Santino Rice

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  • Santino's height is 197cm.

  • Santino was one of the judges in the Miss Universe Pageant 2006 in L.A.

  • Santino Rice was one of the three finalists to present a collection on Olympus Fashion Week.

  • On the "Makeover" Challenge, Santino had his hair cut and part of his beard shaved off.

  • On the "Makeover" Challenge, Santino's design, a jumpsuit for Kara, was falling apart on the Runway. Nina Garcia points out the left sleeve, that was almost completely detached from the rest of the outfit.

  • On the "Makeover" Challenge, it was Kara who designed an outfit for Santino.

  • On the "Makeover" Challenge, Santino design a jumpsuit for Kara.

  • Santino was the winner of the Nicky Hilton Challenge and, as a reward, she wore his gown on a hollywood party.

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