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  • Sasha has acknowledged that her poor finish at the 2002 Olympic Games was due to the fact that she was young and unfocused. 17 years old at the time, Sasha said that she thought she was going to be the next Tara Lipinski--she would win the gold, go pro in her teen years, and move right into acting. Sasha says that she feels that training for the 2006 Games helped her grow stronger and more prepared for whatever came her way.

  • Despite a fall and a slip in her long program at the 2006 Olympics, Sasha's otherwise outstanding program (along with an excellent short program) earned her the silver medal.

  • Sasha will not compete in the 2006 Grand Prix Series due to her heavy post-Olympic schedule.

  • Sasha has her (nick)name, "Sasha Cohen", engraved on the outside of her skate blades.

  • During the free skate of the 2006 Torino Olympics, Sasha was wearing a bandage around her left thigh, under her tights.

  • Sasha's astrological sign is Scorpio.

  • Sasha is well-known for wearing fabulously designed dresses at her skating competitions.

  • Sasha currently supports Connecticut Children's Medical Center.

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