Scott Michael Foster

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Quotes (8)

  • Scott: I admire the aspect of, you know, living for today.

  • Scott: (about Greek) There's so much obvious tension between Cappie and Casey.

  • Scott: (about playing Cappie on Greek) I would say my personality meshes well with the character.

  • Scott: (about fraternities) It never even crossed my mind.

  • Scott: (about Greek) I'm glad this show about fraternities because I would have never seen that side of college.

  • Scott: I went to a small junior college and I only went for one semester, so I don't feel like I got an accurate experience.

  • Scott: I sorta felt like fraternities were for big jock guys, which is a sterotype.

  • Scott: I feel like I'm kind of living my college experience through the show (Greek).

Trivia (23)

  • In Greek, he had originally tested for Calvin, but realized Cappie was more like him.

  • Scott has a myspace.

  • Scott guest starred on an episode of The Game playing Brittany Daniel's brother.

  • Scott was born at Central Dupage Hospital in Dallas, TX.

  • Scott is like his character Cappie in Greek.

  • He was interested in acting as early as elementary school.

  • Greek was his first major role.

  • He was born in Winfield, Illinois.

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