Sean Callery

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Sound Editor on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine


Hartford, Connecticut

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  • Sean Callery was born in Hartford, Connecticut. He was raised in Bristol, Rhode Island. He was pursuing a classical music education, at the same time playin jazz piano at nightclubs. He studied at the New England Conservatory of Music, earning a degree in piano. Callery also studied composition. At the same year he earned the degree, he moved to Los Angeles to work for New England Digital. He still pursued his musical career. He also trained many composers like Mark Snow and Herbie Hancock. 1n 1989, he composed music for Siegfred & Roy, a show in Las Vegas. Working as a sound designer on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, winning him an Emmy Nomination. At a later time, he met with Joel Surnow and was hired to compose at the show La Femme Nikita. After a few years, Callery and Surnow made a decision and made the hit TV show, 24. His work an the series earned it two Emmy Awards. He also scored for the work he did on the 24 Season 5 finale.moreless



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    Hartford, Connecticut

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    • Sean Callery: Working at home was as much a creative decision as a financial one. From the beginning, the producers wanted a different, hybrid kind of sound that hadn't been heard before- not a purely synth score, not purely orchestral, but a specialized sound.

    • Sean Callery: Composers tend to be a bit more isolated. Interaction with other human beings is very important, and that gets compromised in home studios. Also, when you're working in the same space you live in, it can be very disruptive emotionally. It requires more discipline to end work. I realized that I have to set boundaries, and maintain them.

    • Sean Callery: Sound design plays a very big part in the '24' score, in conjunction with more organic-sounding music- done with samples, because the show doesn't have a live-orchestra budget- and electronics.

    • Sean Callery: My desire was always to be writing for film and television ever since I was very young. I got a job at New England Digital quite by chance and moved to Los Angeles the day after Christmas in 1987. My years at NED were more educational than any college course could have ever offered. During my years there as a product specialist I was dropped into a variety of different music studios and situations, and I learned much helping and assisting various clients which included Alan Silvestri, Mark Snow, Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock.

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    • Sean Callery composed for the commercials of companies such as Coca-Cola, Nike, Heineken and Jaguar.

    • Sean Callery delivers 38-40 minutes of 24 music per week. Last season, he also did the same job for NBC's Medium, and only contributed 11-15 minutes of darkly romantic music per week.

    • Sean Callery says that he makes about 38 minutes of music per 44-minute episode of '24'.

    • Sean Callery accomplishes all his victories with his keyboards, samplers and sequencers in his home studio: a two storey, 1,650 square feet barnlike guesthouse behind his Westside home in Los Angeles.