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  • Seth Green: I'm not interested in becoming a bigger star, I'm not interested in being the wealthiest guy in the world. I'm doing fine, I love acting, and I want to do it for the rest of my life.

  • Seth Green: I passed on American Pie. When the actors were getting $1 million offers after the movie came out, I was saying I should've rethought my decision. But still today, I can't see myself in that movie.

  • Seth Green: I'm like the guy they knew from high school. People feel they know me.

  • Seth Green: More often than not, I get accused of stuff that I just wasn't in, and when I tell them that I wasn't in it, they don't believe me. They just go, "Dude, you were in that Rogaine ad," and I say, "No, I'm an actor, but I wasn't in that commercial." Then they're like, "Yes you were, man! What a jerk! Why are you being such a jerk? Let's kick this guy's ass!" So it's good I run fast.

  • Seth Green: The failures keep you humble and sane. They make you realize how fleeting any form of success is.

  • Seth Green: I'm not 6 feet tall, classically beautiful and ripped like an animal. I'm just sort of... well, um... accessible.

  • Seth Green: It's weird. People seem to know me from stuff that I never would expect them to. If somebody recognizes me, I'm never quite sure what it's from.

  • Seth Green: I firmly believe in marriage. It's a real important decision that takes a lot of dedication and time. If you're thinking about divorce, you shouldn't get married.

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  • In 2010, Seth won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Short-Format Animated Program in his work on Robot Chicken: Half-Assed Christmas Special.

  • Seth's karaoke songs of choice are anything by Jay-Z or Rick James.

  • Seth says the most annoying animals on the planet are wasps.

  • Seth has a phobia of large crowds.

  • Seth Green owns Lucid Films production company with Breckin Meyer and Ryan Phillippe.

  • Seth Green appears in the funeral scene in Fall Out Boy's video clip for the single This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race, alongside Michelle Trachtenberg who also starred in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

  • Seth Green appears for a cameo on Weird Al's music video for White & Nerdy, showing the action figures.

  • Seth is a collector of M.A.S.K. toys. M.A.S.K., an animated television series produced by DIC Enterprises, was a hybrid of popular era cartoons.

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