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  • Sharon Osbourne: (while discussing famous women's faces on Chelsea Lately) Nicole Kidman's forehead looks like a f---ing flatscreen TV - how big is that forehead?

  • Sharon Osbourne: (boasting about Ozzy's impressive libido) He's just like that battery-powered bunny [in the Duracell ad]. Instead of that little rabbit they should have Ozzy's willy banging a drum.

  • Sharon Osbourne: Having to beat the cancer was the loneliest time in my life, I didn't want to let on to Ozzy and the kids how scared I was. I had to put on a brave face, when I was screaming for help on the inside.

  • Sharon Osbourne: I had to quit drinking early in mine and Ozzy's marriage. One of us needed to draw the line to make the decisions, and I knew it had to be me.

  • Sharon Osbourne: The most expensive thing I ever bought was a sapphire and that ended up being stolen. I hope whoever has it gets leprosy and their finger falls off.

  • Sharon Osbourne: If I'm sitting on the toilet and I'm looking at the grouting on the tiles, that grouting really gets me. Mothers have a thing about grouting.

  • Sharon Osbourne: There were gangs of people from the bands on the second stage where TRIVIUM performed, trying to recruit people to throw eggs at MAIDEN. Man, I wouldn't dare throw anything at MAIDEN, not even money. I watched them from right at the front at one show and I did everything, every gesture, that Bruce asked of the crowd. I was too afraid not to. That's how commanding that band are, that's the kind of presence they have. And people want me to throw eggs at them? Fuck off!

  • Sharon Osbourne: Have you seen U2's live show? It's boring as hell. It's like watching CNN.

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  • In December 2008 a contestant on Charm School claimed Sharon assaulted her by pulling her hair and scratching her, after the woman told her she was only famous due to her marriage to Ozzy.

  • Sharon was estranged from her mother when she died in 1998. She had never met her grandchildren. Sharon didn't attend the funeral.

  • Fire fighters were called to the Osbourne‚Äôs home in July 2006 after a fire from a faulty lamp in the entrance hall triggered an alarm. Ambulance officers treated a staff member for smoke inhalation.

  • Sharon admitted to the public, that she had an affair one time with Ozzy's best friend, Randy Rhodes.

  • Sharon has hired Ozzy's three sisters: Jean, Trisha, and Gillian to be "On The Street" reporters for her new British chat show. She has labeled them the Ozzettes.

  • Sharon was attacked by people throwing soup at her, while leaving the Premiere of her new stage show The Vagina Monologues in England.

  • Sharon wrestled Stone Cold Steve Austin, dressed in a bat shaped mask and a cloak, on her morning TV talkshow.

  • Sharon has had $216,000.00 worth of surgical enhancements performed on her body. Such as: Tummy tuck, face lift, and a breast lift.

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