Shoshannah Stern

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Star on The Hammer


7/3/1980, Walnut Creek, California, USA

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  • Born into a fourth generation deaf family, Shoshannah Stern is an amazing person and actress who copes with the everyday life of being a star while being deaf. She is the daughter of Ron Stern and Hedy Udowski-Stern. Shoshannah's first language was American Sign Language and she also reads lips really well and can comfortably speak without an interpreter. Shoshannah was born in Walnut Creek, California but grew up in Fremont, California where she attended the California School for the Deaf. She later attended Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C., the only liberal arts college for the deaf in the world. Shoshannah acts in mostly TV series but has been in a few movies. She is best known for her lead roles in Threat Matrix, CBS's Jericho, and in Showtime's Weeds.moreless

    Birth Name:

    Shoshannah Stern



    Birth Place:

    Walnut Creek, California, USA

    Also Known As

    Shoshanah Stern

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    • Shoshannah: If you translated my name, it would be Rose Star, which is actually the shade of lipstick I found once, which looked terrible on me.

    • Shoshannah: There's not exactly a huge plethora of deaf characters available out there. It's been an upward struggle, but it's been consistently upward, and that's a wonderful thing. I don't plan on giving up anytime soon.

    • Shoshannah: I was born deaf and it wouldn't be in my control to change it even if I wanted to. If I listened to them say, "You're deaf, so you can't do this," it would mean I'm allowing myself to believe that. I know I've earned the right to be who I am.

    • Shoshannah: I am fourth-generation deaf, which means everyone in my immediate family is deaf. So I grew up always having 100 percent accessibility to language and communication, which was wonderful and something so many deaf people don't have. On the flip side, even though I had some hearing, I wore hearing aids only when watching movies, because hearing was really more of a distraction than a benefit for me. I had no reason to hear since everyone in my world was deaf and I went to a university for the deaf.

    • Shoshannah: I don't really think you can ever really prepare for acting. Anyone can go to acting classes and rattle off dates of famous playwrights' deaths. You'll ace the class, but that doesn't necessarily mean you'll land a role. That being said, I also think that my love for literature and translation and learning itself helped a lot. To be an actor, you have to know things, feel things. I think the more you know, the more you learn, the better of an actor you become. My love of the English language definitely paid off. Acting's all about interpretation, and if you give an interesting or different approach to a classic piece of work, that's always a good thing in my opinion.

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    • At Barack Obama's acceptance speech in Denver, Colorado, Shoshannah got to shake Michelle Obama's hand.

    • Shoshannah appeared in the music video "Yes, We Can" for the Barack Obama presidential campaign.

    • Shoshannah's grandmother is a Holocaust survivor.

    • Shoshannah Stern's the only deaf actor in history to have regular roles on two prime-time television shows.

    • Shoshannah's path to becoming a professional actress started during Winter of her senior year at Gallaudet. During a recess, she received a random email from Warner Bros which asked her to audition for a guest-starring role on the series Off Centre. She quickly went to Los Angeles, auditioned and won the role. This led to bigger and bigger roles which is why she is so famous nowadays.

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