Sofia Vassilieva

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Quotes (3)

  • Sofia: (On the filming of the "Eloise" movies) It was like a long vacation, a 54-day vacation.

  • Sofia: As long as you can laugh, you are not old.

  • Sofia: I want to be challenged, I want to work, and I want to feel that I am not being held back, that there is something in front of me, something more inspiring than... just eating breakfast, you know?

Trivia (20)

  • Sofia loves Australia because she thinks their accents are really cool.

  • Sofia's mother has Ph.D. degree in Evolutionary Genetics.

  • Sofia is right handed.

  • Sofia is of Russian descent.

  • Sofia's parents are named Larissa and Vladimir Vassilieva.

  • Favorites: Subject in School: English Movie: Harriet the Spy Flower: Sunflower

  • Sofia is represented by the William Morris Agency.

  • In 2006, Sofia won 'Best Performance in a TV Series (Drama) - Supporting Young Actress' at the Young Artist Awards for her role in Medium.

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