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  • Sophia: I feel very much that I'm a marathon runner in this profession. I've never been a sprinter. There have always been people who've darted ahead of me the minute they've left the starting line.

  • Sophia: (on choices) I've always said that I'd rather work for nice people for no money than get paid millions to work with idiots. People think and say that I'm really interesting because I've done studio pictures and then art house films, but I've never made any conscious choices. I always base my choices on the material that's in front of me, as well as who's in it, who's directing it and is the writing any good? Those are the three main things. I don't care how much money is in it, who's producing it, who's whatever. So whether it's TV, film or independent studios, that's the criteria. It's also instinctive because when I read a script and the character they're asking me to look at, if I can hear the voice in my head, that's when I know. Sometimes you read stuff that's obviously good but you can't see yourself doing it.

  • Sophia (on turning down university for acting): I have no regrets, because I completely fell in love with this industry as soon as I walked on to my first job. And I was thinking, well, I can either go and sit in a classroom and study Jane Austen or Harold Pinter plays, or I can make Mansfield Park and work with Harold Pinter, and be paid to do it, and be in the cinema. So no regrets.

  • Sophia: (on the time before her breakthrough) Keira and I played sisters in Oliver Twist, in 1999, and after that neither of us could get a job. We were like, "Why are we unemployed? Are we mingers?" We even thought about writing something for ourselves.

  • Sophia (on her style): I'm not so much a tomboy, but I always feel like I'm a man in drag. When I was a kid I never had a doll or wanted a Barbie. I used to like playing soldiers and climbing trees.

  • Sophia (on rebelling): I was always the good girl at school. Some of my friends were getting pregnant and into drugs, but the most I did was smoke a packet of 10 Marlboros.

  • Sophia (on dreams): I read once that the two worst things that can happen in your life are: achieving your dreams, and not achieving your dreams. I'm living living my dream and I'm scared. I think that it can't go on like this because it's too perfect. I can't plan my life because at this stage in my career I'm not in control of it. I believe in fate; after all, it happened to me.

  • Sophia: People ask me about it all the time. But my recollection of growing up was that being a vicar was just something my dad did for a living and religion was not rammed down our throats at all. My dad is philosophical about what I do, and both my parents are very supportive. Even when things get a bit near the knuckle. They accept that I'm acting.

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  • Sophia's skills include horse riding, skiing, skating and swimming.

  • Sophia can speak German and French as well as English.

  • As of 2005, Sophia lives in Green Park.

  • Sophia's favourite film is The Goonies.