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  • Stephen: Jesus isn't a logo, I'm not promoting some company, some brand. I'm just professing my faith.

  • Stephen: We are not trying to reinvent the wheel; we are just trying to bring God and the Bible to the kids in a hard-core way that they can relate to. There is almost nothing out there in the Christian marketplace that the kids can connect with! This same idea holds true in the Mainstream marketplace where the kids will start to see that the faith-based culture can be more hard-core.

  • Stephen: I really comprehend the fact that some of what I have to say sounds a little weird. But the more and more I purge myself of the stuff that had my focus so turned away from God, the more I shred myself, the more I have a greater connection to God. And what I know now that I didn't know then is that's why I'm here.

  • Stephen: I've just been walking my walk, the way the Lord has shown me.

  • Stephen: I just voted for the man with the most faith.

  • Stephen: In reality, there's just no comparison to the experience that I am having now.

  • Stephen: I've got a lot of work to do, because I aint the guy I want to be when Jesus comes back.

  • Stephen: In my position, I just don't think I'm supposed to keep my story to myself.

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  • In 1995, Stephen won a National Board of Review of Motion Pictures Award for "Best Acting by an Ensemble" for The Usual Suspects. In 2001, he was nominated for a Razzie award for "Worst Supporting Actor" for his role in the movie The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas.

  • In the 2008 Presidential election, Stephen endorsed Republican candidate Mike Huckabee for President.

  • While filming Ty Murray's Celebrity Bull Riding Challenge in 2007, Stephen was injured in the first episode, but remained on the ranch for support. He broke his shoulder blade and cracked a rib.

  • Stephen is working on producing an extreme skateboard movie featuring Christian athletes.

  • Stephen traveled in 2004 as a speaker with teen-mania Ministers to help spread the word of Christ throughout the nation.

  • Stephen was fired by Brian DePalma from the movie set of Casulties Of War.

  • An explosive device blew up in Stephen's face on the set of Fled.

  • Stephen is a former Calvin Klein model.

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