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7/28/1971, Abington, Pennsylvania

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  • Stephen Andrew Lynch grew up in Saginaw, Michigan. As a child, he attended Catholic school. At age 26, he began performing stand-up comedy with his guitar in-hand. He began performing on the Opie and Anthony radio program. Stephen made his first television appearance on Comedy Central's "Premium Blend" in 1997.

    In 2000, he released his first album, "A Little Bit Special," and starred in his own half-hour comedy special on "Comedy Central Presents." He released his second album, "Superhero," in late 2002.

    Stephen Lynch still performs his guitar songs in various clubs to this day. .

    Stephen Lynch currently has 5 albums and 1 DVD out. The Wedding Singer soundtrack(from Stephen's latest Broadway show), Cleanest Hits, The Craig Machine, and A Little Bit Special. His DVD is Live at El Ray. He also has tracks that are out of print. The CD's include Half a Man, and a DVD called Live at XM studios.moreless

    Birth Name:

    Stephen Andrew Lynch



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    Abington, Pennsylvania

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    • Stephen: Mark Tyke is my best friend. he is also one of the guys on my albums that does songs with me.

    • Stephen: Yes. I have certain songs that, if you just looked at them lyrically on a piece of paper, you might think they're funny. Or you might not. But when you hear them set to music, it adds a whole new element that the lyrics just don't provide. Sometimes it's a juxtaposition of insane lyrics with really nice music that sets it off and makes it funny. I try not to use that as a formula, but sometimes it happens that way.

    • Stephen: I've always been singing, since I was a little kid, and I learned how to play guitar in college. It just so happened that the only songs I really had any interest in writing were the ones that made my friends laugh. That's where that started, and then I just never stopped. But I never had any designs on becoming a comedian. I just kind of lucked into it.

    • Stephen: (About Opie and Anthony) I was doing shows around New York. They were fun, but I didn't have much radio exposure. I got hooked up with those guys, and went in one day and played a song for them. I knew they had a reputation, where if they don't like you, they're not nice to you. So, I was a little nervous going in, but we hit it off right away. They started playing my stuff more and more, and I just got huge exposure in the New York area from that. And I think that's kind of what led to everything else that happened; like Comedy Central and bigger tours, because I started getting a following here in New York.

    • Stephen: (On how he became a song writer) It started as a hobby; for fun in college, and then as a hobby and diversion after college. When I started taking it more seriously, that's when I figured I could stop working and get on the road. I just kind of did it, you know? I was hoping that if I quit my job, other, more fun jobs would fall into line,.. and they did.

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    • Stephen states that he will not sing a song in front of an audience unless his wife laughs at it.

    • The superheroes in Stephen's hit song "Superhero" are as listed in order from first to last: Awesome Man, Drug-Free Boy, Immigration Dude, and Justice Guy.

    • Stephen cites famous singer/songwriters Paul Simon and Joni Mitchell as his childhood inspirations.

    • Stephen attended Western Michigan University where he graduated in 1993 with a Bachelor of Arts degree (B.A.) in drama.

    • Cleanest Hits is the title of an album that Stephen released that is only available at select Wal-Mart stores in the Midwest and Northeast. It contains many of his hit songs, like "Superhero" and "A Little Bit Special," with the swear words taken out.

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