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  • Stephen: It's easier to play a dim character, for me, because I have a natural bent for comedy. It's not intrinsic for me to be crafty, so I would have to go outside for a source of origin. I think of myself as pretty dim.

  • Stephen: It's fun to do voiceover work, although you still have to act. But it doesn't involve memorizing lines, and you don't have to dress up.

  • Stephen: I'm from New York, so I'm a big Howard Stern fan.

  • Stephen: I would have to say News Radio is the highlight of my career. I love the character so much.

  • Stephen: I don't aspire to direct like many actors. I would aspire most likely to do some writing, but I haven't had a chance to do that.

  • Stephen: I've always been a Sci-Fi guy you know... from the early '60s. I've always liked science fiction stuff, and I saw this little five-minute presentation of this great animation project and, you know, it went from there.

  • Stephen: I offer the fact that I am not astonishingly handsome, but I'm ok in my niche.

  • Stephen: On particularly long days, you go, ah, it would be nice if you could go flip burgers for a half a day, but I always know how lucky I am to be in the business. 95 percent of the industry doesn't work. That's the facts jack. So, I am very pleased with how my career has gone.

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  • Stephen has received many red Swingline staplers from fans of his role in "Office Space".

  • Stephen was seen in the trailer for "White Oleander", however, his scenes were cut from the movie.

  • Stephen has also appeared with NewsRadio costar Vicki Lewis in the series King of the Hill and the movie “Finding Nemo.”

  • Stephen attended the University of Florida in Gainesville.

  • Stephen starred in the Broadway debut of “So Long on Lonely Street.”

  • Stephen made is off-Broadway debut in “Journey’s End.”

  • Stephen left college to join the National Shakespeare Company. He has also performed with other repertory companies.

  • Stephen has been a comic book fan since he was 13 years old.

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