Stephenie LaGrossa

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Herself (Seasons 10, 11, & 20) on Survivor


12/6/1979, Philedelphia, Pennsylvania

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  • Stephenie LaGrossa was born in Gledolden, Pennsylvaina, a suburb of Philadelphia on December 6, 1979 to Stephen and Marguerite LaGrossa. She is the only girl and is the youngest of five children. While in high school, Stephenie played varsity lacrosse, field hockey, and was on the swim team. After graduating from Archbishop Predergast High School, Stephenie attended Temple University, where she played lacrosse before transferring to Monmonth University in New Jersey, where she also played lacrosse and served as team captain her senior year. While there, she was awarded her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, with a concentration in Marketing and Management. Currently, Stephenie lives in New Jersey with her boyfriend, Michael, where she now works on fitness/swimwear line for 2B Brazil, a Brazillian based clothing line.moreless

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    Stephenie LaGrossa



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    Philedelphia, Pennsylvania

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    • (About appearing on Survivor: Guatemala) Stephenie: Coming into the game, I didn’t think I would get far. But when I did, there were only two people who were blindsided on the jury. After Jamie and Judd were in the jury, it became obvious that I was the right person to take to the end – back at Jury camp, one bad seed spoils the bunch. That was when it became obvious I couldn’t win.

    • Stephenie: Palau I seemed to be the perfect princess, this time I was competitive and sometimes the bad guy. I played competitively both times. I think there is a happy medium to me. I’m not perfect or horrible. I’ve always had to work hard for everything I’ve gotten in life. I went in to bust my butt and I hope people can respect me for that. I played the game the way it was designed to be played.

    • (Talking about a letter she recieved while on Survivor: Palau from Michael) Stephenie: My boyfriend kissed his letter with, I think, eye shadow he found at my house, because it was orange! He wrote, 'Here's a kiss from me to you with your own lipstick – or at least I think it's lipstick.' I was laughing so hard!

    • (About getting married on the beach) Stephenie: We're huge beach people. He loves to surf. I love the beach. We wanted to definitely have something on the beach.

    • (About waiting 8 years to get married) Stephenie: We've always been really close. But I met him so young that I was in no rush to get married, and even though he's six years older, neither was he.

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    • In September 2006, Stephenie became an in-arena host the Philadelphia Flyers.

    • After her marriage, Stephenie and her husband Michael honeymooned in Bali.

    • Stephenie is 5'4".

    • For the 12th season of Survivor, Stephenie is on the Survivor Strikes Back Panel, that discusses the new episodes and the contestants.

    • Stephenie and her boyfriend Michael got married on July 7, 2006.

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