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  • Steve Bacic: (About his first time on 21 Jump Street) I’d never said a line on-screen before and here I was with pages and pages of dialogue. Needless to say, I was prepared. I must have read the script 50 times. Believe me, I knew every little comma on those pages. I was just so paranoid because I didn’t want to screw up.

  • Steve Bacic: Let's face it, I've been in roles where brawn was more important than brains in the casting decision. That's when it's really nice to hear the director say, "Wow, he can act too"!

  • Steve Bacic: (Commenting on his appearance in the movie Another Stakeout (1993) ) I had a scene with Rosie O'Donnell and Richard Dreyfuss, and I felt like I didn't belong there because of my lack of experience. I seemed to hold my own, though, with these two very funny, talented people. Not only was that a confidence builder for me, but it also showed other people that I could handle comedic as well as dramatic roles.

Trivia (28)

  • He acted with two famous Hollywood beauties before they were quite so famous: Salma Hayek in an episode of Street Justice, Jessica Alba in a Dark Angel episode,and again with Jessica Alba after she became famous in Good Luck Chuck.

  • He has worked with some fairly unusual animals: an elephant in his episode of Jeremiah, moths in Threshold, reindeer in Deck the Halls, and penguins in Good Luck Chuck.

  • Steve Bacic appears as the Cursor Guy in the 2008 Acura TL commercial (started airing October 2007).

  • Steve Bacic enjoys meeting fans at conventions - and so far, he's done conventions in the US, Canada, Great Britain and Germany.

  • Steve Bacic is a guest at the Official Stargate SG-1 and SGA 10th Anniversary convention.

  • When the stars of Psych ad-libbed about his hair, it ended up in the episode "Woman Seeking Dead Husband - Smokers Okay, No Pets".

  • Steve Bacic is currently filming the movie Good Luck Chuck, featuring Jessica Alba - the actress who ordered him to undress at gunpoint in an episode of Dark Angel.

  • His family name is pronounced like the word "basic". The original Croatian pronunciation is different and he doesn't use it, except perhaps with Goran Visnjic.

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