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  • Martin Landau: (on Steven Hill, referring to his sole, problematic season as the star of Mission: Impossible) "I felt that he was digging his own grave. There was always something self-destructive, always a part of him that didn't want success, along with this very special talent. When he wanted to work he was exceptional. When he didn't want to work, for whatever reasons, he was destructive to himself. I must say that he was troublesome at times, but basically he wasn't. Most of the time he was professional, he learned his lines and was there."

Trivia (24)

  • He was nominated for four SAG Awards from 1997-2000 for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series for Law & Order.

  • He was once described by Robert Duvall as "the best actor working today, bar none."

  • He appeared with Dianne Wiest in It's My Turn. In 2000, she succeeded him as the District Attorney on Law & Order.

  • He lost a lead role in The Sand Pebbles because he would not work on the Jewish Sabbath.

  • His first film was A Lady Without a Passport in 1950.

  • He and his first wife, Selma Stern, were married in 1951.

  • His birth name was Solomon Krakovsky.

  • He has nine children.

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