Steven R. McQueen

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Quotes (1)

  • Steven (on being Steve McQueen's grandson): Its pushes you to be better... People would expect me to have blond hair and blue eyes... It's fun to go in an give something different.

Trivia (14)

  • Steven recently moved to Atlanta, Georgia for the filming of The Vampire Diaries.

  • Steven R. McQueen is skilled in martial arts, ice hockey, kickboxing, and horseback riding.

  • Steven is good friends with Cody Kennedy.

  • If he could travel back in time, he would like to meet Bruce Lee.

  • Steven can play the harmonica.

  • His parents are Chad McQueen and Stacey Toten.

  • On the first few days of being on the set of Minutemen, he became very close the the rest of the cast.

  • Steven's stepfather is a hockey player named Luc Robitaille.

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