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  • In Fall 2008, Tara provided voiceovers for the parody animation Skool House Rock which focuses on getting people to vote.

  • Tara starred as Jane in the audio drama play Breakaway, Backdown which has been promoted on the Sci-Fi Channel’s audio website, Seeing Eye Theatre.

  • Tara voiced the lead character Singer on The Survivors, which was a feature film released in 1999.

  • Tara does some voiceover work on the documentary film My Kid Could Paint That which was released in 2007 and has won some local and regional awards at film festivals.

  • Tara was part of the Cricket Feet Casting Actors Showcase in April 2007.

  • Tara participated in the theatre production of Counsellor-At-Law where she played receptionist Bessie Green. She received positive reviews for her amusing portrayal of her character.

  • Tara Sands was one of the Hollywood Premieres hosts at the world premiere of the Hairspray movie in Summer 2007. In April 2008, she interviewed celebrities for Focus Hollywood at the Hollywood premiere of A Plumm Summer and also the 12th Annual PRISM Awards.

  • Tara got her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre at Hofstra University, located in Long Island, New York, in 1997.

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