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  • Taylor: (on his craziest experience since 'New Moon') It's really hard to choose one thing, but in Brazil was really, really, um intense. The fans were very aggressive. But, you know, it's a good thing.

  • Taylor: (on school life) I was never extremely confident. Because I was an actor, when I was in school there was a little bullying going on.

  • Taylor: (when asked why people should watch 'Twilight') Jacob's hot.

  • Taylor: [Jacob's angry werewolf side] is not like me in real life; I'm like Jacob's Native American side. I'm very friendly, outgoing, energetic and easy to talk to. But playing the werewolf side, where he's holding all this anger and stuff inside him, that'd be very different for me. I love to challenge myself as an actor.

  • Taylor (on his favorite quote from 'Twilight'): It's not in the first book, but the quote I love the most is Jacob's quote, "Does my half being naked bother you?" That quote just cracks me up. Because you know, that's when he's shirtless, not wearing a top - we'll have to wait to see what he looks like.

Trivia (51)

  • Taylor's car is a black series 5 BMW.

  • In 2009, Taylor was nominated for a MTV Movie Award at the MTV Movie Awards, for 'Breakthrough Performance Male' for Twilight.

  • In 2009, Taylor won a Teen Choice Award at the Teen Choice Awards for 'Choice Movie Fresh Face Male' for Twilight.

  • Whilst doing an interview with New Moon co-star Kristen Stewart in a hotel in Brazil, there was a riot of 2,000 girls.

  • Taylor breaks his fans into three categories: screamers, criers and hyper ventilators.

  • Taylor takes part in the Hart Baseball Program where he is positioned at center field and second base.

  • Taylor's martial arts instructor convinced Taylor to audition for a part in a Burger King commercical in Los Angeles when he was 7 years old, he did not get the part.

  • Taylor spent much time in the gym to buff up his figure for his role as Jacob Black in New Moon

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