Ted Knight

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  • Ted Knight: Sometimes when I got a little lonely or depressed I would go down to the supermarket in hopes of being recognized. I would squeeze a few melons and look around surreptitiously. Raise my voice if I had to.

  • Ted Knight: Of course I could have retired anytime. But retiring would drive me crazy.

  • Ted Knight: I'm healthy, I've got a wonderful wife, happy kids, money in the bank. I'm one of the luckiest guys in the world.

  • Ted Knight: I don't like being on talk or game shows and I wasn't interested in guest shots.

Trivia (18)

  • Although they played characters that were disagreeable to each other on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Ted Knight and Gavin MacLeod were actually very good friends since the 1950's and even had the same agent in the past.

  • In 1986, the year of Ted Knight's death, a couple of Australian fans of Caddyshack, Ted's most famous movie role began the "Ted Knight Memorial Golf Tournament". 2007 will see the 22nd tournament.

  • Joyce Bulifant who played Marie Slaughter on The Mary Tyler Moore Show lived across the street from Ted Knight and they often played tennis together.

  • Needing work and desperate to secure the Ted Baxter role on The Mary Tyler Moore Show Ted went out and bought a blue sport coat and worked out the voice before his audition.

  • On his American Bandstand appearance on Saturday October 4, 1975 (ep. 2197, season 19), Ted sang a song from his album, "Hi Guys!" called, "I’m In Love With Barbara Walters."

  • Three years into The Mary Tyler Moore Show, he threatened to quit because he feared his Ted Baxter role being seen as a one-dimensional, superficial moron. The producers created his girlfriend, Georgette, to give him depth and humanize him.

  • Ted studied acting at the Randall School of Dramatic Arts in Hartford, Connecticut. After moving to New York he studied at the American Theater Wing.

  • Ted was the Grand Marshall for the bicentennial parade celebration on July 4th, 1976 in his hometown of Terryville, Connecticut.

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