Terence McGovern

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  • Terence: For all the great entertainment George Lucas has given us, for the chance he gave me to play a small part in his first three films, and for making the Bay Area home to his magical movie-making genius, I'm indebted to him. I don't think you'll find an actor who's ever been involved with Lucas who wouldn't say the same. May the force always be with him!

  • Terence: First of all, my involvement with the production of Star Wars was minuscule. Probably three hours total of post production time. But being a voice in one of the greatest movies in the history of film--and having an inadvertent part in the naming of one of its main characters--has always been a source of pride for me.

Trivia (24)

  • Terry founded the Marin Actors' Workshop.

  • Terry says that out of his many, diverse jobs his favorite is teaching others the skills of acting.

  • Terry studied acting with the dynamic Stella Adler and Milton Katselas.

  • Terry and his family currently reside in Marin, California.

  • Terry teaches commercial and character voice, as well as scene and monologue acting at Voice One in San Francisco, and serves on the faculty of The University of San Francisco and The College of Marin.

  • Terry's stage roles in theater range from Shakespeare to musical comedy.

  • Terence worked alongside several other stormtrooper voice actors who were Jerry Walters, Scott Beach and Morgan Upton on the set of Star WarsIV:A New Hope.

  • Terry played the part of Dr. Newsoe, the Anesthesiologist in the movie Nine Months.

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