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  • Terence Stamp: The Pope didn't think I was angelic!

  • Terence Stamp: The Now kind of implies a Then. It's a kind of harmonic, being in harmony with a kind of energy that's between action and cut.

  • Terence Stamp: Physically, I couldn't fold myself into a gray, invisible bank clerk. I just thought, It's the most amazing part. It's a pity that I'm wrong for it.

  • Terence Stamp: Peter Ustinov was the first really positive influence in my career. He was real and he bore witness to it. The things he said to you, he lived them.

  • Terence Stamp: My star was kind of fading towards the end of the '60s and suddenly I got this call from Fellini, who just appeared to kind of love me!

  • Terence Stamp: It's such a performance to bring stuff into America. It's a great luxury when I am in England.

  • Terence Stamp: It wasn't until I saw James Dean that I began to think that maybe I could actually do this. Movies didn't have to be just this fantasy with this impossibly handsome guy.

  • Terence Stamp: During the war, it was a great prize to get a Captain Marvel or a Superman. I read those whenever I could get them.

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  • Terence is the voice of God in "The Word of Promise," a dramatized audio book of the New Testament released by Thomas Nelson in October of 2007.

  • For Terence Stamp's performance in the movie Elektra, he was listed as a potential nominee for a 2006 Razzie Award, however he failed to receive a nomination.

  • Terence Stamp is 6' (1.83 m) tall.

  • Terence was originally considered for the role of John Ryder in The Hitcher, but turned it down.

  • Terence trained at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, whose alumni include Hugh Bonneville, Julia Ormond, Rupert Friend, Angela Lansbury, Matthew Goode, Sue Johnston, Minnie Driver and Julian Fellowes.

  • Terence went from playing Superman's foe (General Zod in Superman II) to playing Superman's most loving parent (the voice of Jor-El on TV's Smallville).

  • The off-screen romance of Terence Stamp and Julie Christie while they were filming Far from the Madding Crowd (1967) inspired The Kinks' hit, "Waterloo Sunset" - hence the line "Terry met Julie" in the song.

  • Terence is the older brother of the former manager of the rock band The Who - Christopher Stamp.

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