Teresa Hill

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Eden August [#1] (Aug 9, 2002 - Sept 18, 2003) on Guiding Light


5/9/1969, Burley, Idaho, USA

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  • Growing up in Salt Lake City, Utah, Teresa Hill never dreamed of becoming an actress. The idea had never even entered her head until the tragic death of her older sister changed her life forever.

    At age 18, Hill moved to California to pursue a career as an actress, landing roles in student films and eventually a print ad campaign for Polaroid. Soon after, she was cast in her first major commercial and then in several bit parts in films.

    In 1994, Teresa was cast as "Linda Holden" on the Melrose Place spin-off Models, Inc.. Although the series only lasted one season, Teresa Hill had arrived!

    Over the next 9 years she landed roles in many television series and movies, including being cast as the first "Eden August" on the long running CBS soap opera Guiding Light.

    When she was abruptly fired from GL in 2003, Hill took the opportunity to pursue another interest, interior design, opening Teresa Hill Designs in New York City.moreless

    Birth Name:

    Teresa Hill



    Birth Place:

    Burley, Idaho, USA

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    • Teresa: My older sister, who I was very close to, passed away [killed in a drunk driving accident] when I was 13. It changed my life dramatically. I wouldn't be an actress if that hadn't happened. I probably would be in Utah, married with a couple of kids. It totally changed your personality. You do things you would never do. Acting was a way for me to get rid of some of that pain.

    • Teresa: In junior high school, I was really shy. Acting was a way I could show a different side of myself. It was really fun.

    • Teresa: ...I love the career I've chosen. I've always wanted to be an actress ever since I was a little girl. It's a lifestyle and a lifelong pursuit. And I hope I'm acting until I'm 106.

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    • Hercules executive producer Rob Tapert called Teresa, "incredibly beautiful" but "physically the weakest actress" they ever had on the series. In spite of that, he wished she would have returned to the series for the episodes "Two Men and a Baby" and "Full Circle." It was Teresa's decision not to return to the role of "Nemesis."

    • Teresa says her biggest challenge working on Guiding Light was memorizing lines. As "Eden August" she often had to learn 30 pages of dialogue for each episode in which she appeared.

    • Teresa admits one of the best things about being on Models, Inc. was working with Linda Gray. She says having watched Gray on Dallas for years and then getting to work with her was "a great experience."

    • Teresa received her formal training at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. She also studied with Larry Moss, Greg Depalmay, Michael Frederick, and Geoffrey F. Forward.

    • Teresa's hobbies include yoga and skydiving. She also loves going to the theater, movies, the ballet, and museums.

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