The Cheetah Girls

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  • The Cheetah Girls: It's Cheetah-licious!

  • The Cheetah Girls: Growl Power!

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  • The Cheetah Girls are the biggest teen pop sensations to come out of the Disney market in quite some time (since 2004 up to the current 2006).

  • On their "The Party's Just Begun" tour, they have performed songs that they contributed to the movie Chicken Little, a new song from their new album Cheetahs Gonna Get Down as well as many of the songs granted to the Disneymania CD's.

  • Their tour features a storyline where the Cheetah Girls are on a voyage to find the three main ingredients to "Growl Power" instructed to them by Dr. Coolcatz.

  • They have a single for Disneymania 4 which is If I Never Knew You.

  • Their first single for their first album is Cheetah-licious Christmas and their second single for the same album is Five More Days ‘Til Christmas.

  • Their first album peaked at #74 during its release in 2005.

  • In 2006, their first album was certified Gold.

  • In 2004, they had their first single as a real group which is I Won't Say (I'm in Love).

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