The Edge

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8/8/1961, Barking, Essex, UK

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  • Born in Essex in 1961, his family moved to Dublin when he was 2 years old. He answered an ad looking for band members placed by Larry Mullen, and this was the beginning of U2. The Edge has three children with his first wife, Aisling O'Sullivan (1983-1996): Hollee (b. 1985), Arran (b. 1986) and Blue Angel (b. 1989). He has 2 children with his second wife, Morleigh Steinberg (2002): Sian (b. 1997) and Levi (b. 1999).

    Birth Name:

    David Howell Evans



    Birth Place:

    Barking, Essex, UK

    Also Known As

    Dave Evans, Edge, Evans, U2, David Evans

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    • (on U2 and politics) The Edge: We've grown up being a political band. We never saw a need to separate religion and politics from everything we write about and care about. We have always been well aware that steaming in on any issue was liable to get us into trouble, or just come off as uncool.

    • (on the significance of the guitar) The Edge: I think it may have something to do with it standing for freedom in some weird way - somewhat like the automobile has meant freedom for people over the last century. Since the invention of blues and rock and roll, the guitar has inspired that kind of feeling in people. And it probably always will.

    • (speaking in 1987 on the influence of America on "The Joshua Tree" album) The Edge: And just becoming so fascinated with this culture, the very paradoxes of this place has led us to start investigating the original music, the seminal influences of music here. These are all things that as a result of becoming saturated with America, American culture and American music over the past 12 months.

    • (on his views on religion, as of 2002) The Edge: I still have a spiritual life, but I'm not really a fan of religion per se. You know, what I believe is very much what I ended up coming to. It's not a doctrine that is connected to any church or any religious group. It's very much my own personal thing. But I have to say that I think there's a lot of great people in churches -- very highly motivated people. Bono's run into a lot of them working in Africa and they're incredible. It's very hard to say anything bad about where they're coming from or what they believe. So I guess in some ways, I'm open to all that stuff. It just doesn't work for me.

    • (on his guitar-playing techniques) The Edge: The biggest difference between me and other players is that I don't use effects to color my parts. I create guitar parts using effects. They're a crucial element of what I do so I don't consider them a crutch... They're a part of the art.

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    • In November 2007, The Edge, with bandmate Bono, played a surprise acoustic gig in London.

    • In 2007, The Edge received an honorary degree from the Boston Berklee College of Music.

    • The Edge co-owns a top hotel in Dublin with Bono, The Clarence. They wanted a hotel that they would enjoy staying in.

    • The Edge's Welsh father, Garvin Evans, sings in a Welsh male-voice choir, and they released a CD in 2000.

    • Along with Bob Ezrin (music producer), Henry Juszkiewicz (Gibson Guitar CEO), The Edge set up Music Rising a national U.S. campaign to restore musical instruments to the gulf region of the U.S., that had lost much in the hurricanes of 2005.

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