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  • In 1987, The Pogues co-starred in the indie film Straight To Hell directed by Alex Cox. At it's most basic it was a send-up of spaghetti westerns which also featured Elvis Costello, Joe Strummer, Courtney Love, Dennis Hopper, Grace Jones, and Zander Schloss.

  • In 1988, The Pogues release a documentary video called: Completely Pogued: The Story Of The Pogues In Their Own Words And Music.

  • In 1988, The Pogues released a concert video called The Pogues: Live At the Town and Country.

  • In September 2005, The Pogues released the album Dirty Old Town in UK/Europe. It is a budget priced disc featuring selection of tracks spanning all seven studio albums.

  • Warner Music in association with The Pogues have recently released re-mastered and expanded versions of all seven of The Pogues’ studio albums in Europe. The Pogues have overseen this project, supervising the re-mastering process, the artwork and the booklets. Each CD contains up to seven additional songs, comprising contemporaneous tracks which were not previously released on The Pogues’ albums.

  • As of December 2005, The Pogues are currently touring selected venues throughout the UK.

  • The Pogues take their name from the phrase "Kiss my arse" in Gaelic.

  • In 1990, The Pogues released the EP Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.

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