Tim Hightower

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Writer on Damon


12/19/1969, USC Medical Center Southern Central Los Angeles, California

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  • Timmy Hightower Writer/Producer/Actor Timmy Hi began working in television when he was 17 years old on "THE OUTSIDERS" Series for UNIVERSAL back in 1987. He worked production for 5 years on various shows until he found is calling, writing for the screen. It was easy for him to make this transition because his smart mouth got him fired from most of his jobs. Timmy Hightower had to something to say. His writing career started when he began pitching jokes for the historical hit series, "IN LIVING COLOR", then went on as a segment producer for THE SUZANNE SOMMERS SHOW. The Buzz was getting loud. Timmy Hightower in his third year, landed a show for America's Funniest Producer, Vin Di Bona, creator of AMERICA'S FUNNIEST HOME VIDEOS, called "SHERMAN OAKS". Not only was he a writer, but an actor on the brilliant short lived series. Vin Di Bona also wanted to work with Timmy Hightower on future projects. Vin Di Bona was generous enough to produce a pilot presentation, which the FOX Network and Warner Bros. Greenblatt/Janellari, developed into a television sit-com called, "THE KAAYA/HIGHTOWER PROJECT". In 1996 COMEDY CENTRAL made Timmy Hightower, along with Brad Kaaya their spokespersons for Black History Month. The Promo's were titled, "WHITE MOMENTS IN BLACK HISTORY". Tim Hightower exploded on to the comedy scene that year. He became a staff writer on MAD TV while writing on Damon Wayan's animated Series, "WAYNEHEAD" for WARNER BROS. ANIMATION. By the end of that year, he was writing on two sit-coms at the same time, "MALCOLM & EDDIE" and "HEAD OVER HEELS" for UPN. After working on several shows it was time to move on to writer/producer with shows like, "DAMON", the short lived, PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD winning sit-com on FOX, produced by CARSEY/WERNER. He sold a pilot entitled, "G-TOWN", at HBO, with the Platinum Recording artist, Warren g, an animated series about three little nigglets growing up in the Hood in the LBC circa 1981. Timmy Hightower went on to learn how to write and produce on a higher level on shows like, "RUDE AWAKENING" at COLUMBIA/MANDALY for SHOWTIME and sold another Pilot with Gene Simmons of KISS and Stan Daniels, co-creator of classics like TAXI, MARY TYLER MOORE and ROC. Tim's talents don't stop on the small screen. He's written sketches for VICKI LAWERENCE LIVE! The Vegas show that's now touring around the world. As far as the big screen, he's only just begun. His first Movie pitch, BOOGA BEAR was bought in three weeks, with writing partner David Alan Grier who's set to star, for the producers Gil Netter and David Zucker at The Zucker Bros. Company for USA FILMS. A romantic comedy about a man looking for love learns if you want to be happy for the rest of your life, get yourself an ugly wife. Tim's humor and acting talents have also been requested on movies such as "LOVE STINKS", starring French Stewart, Bridgett Wilson, Tyra Banks and Bill Bellemy, "HOW HIGH", starring Red Man and the Method Man, for Danny Devito's, JERSEY FILMS and UNIVERSAL. Currently, Timmy Hightower is writing the Black Version of, "WAR OF THE ROSES" called "CHEAPER TO KEEP ‘ER" for Damon Wayans and Touchstone. He's also most recently returned to acting. Tim and David Alan Grier along with Touchstone Television have teamed up with FOX to Executive Produce and Star in their own sketch show. Timmy Hightower is truly one funny brother!moreless

    Birth Name:

    Timothy Lance Hightower

    Birth Place:

    USC Medical Center Southern Central Los Angeles, California