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  • Toby Keith: (on what he's learned about filmmaking) Even if you're only shooting for six or eight weeks, the prep time for it and then all of the media and the soundtrack and all that stuff that we get involved in at Show Dog is very time-consuming.

  • Toby Keith: I'm working on a script right now called Beer for My Horses, and I want to do a full motion picture on it. I just gotta get off my lazy butt and finish the script.

  • Toby Keith: (about wanting to make movies every other year) That's about all I can do, unless something comes along that I don't have to be that involved in. Maybe spend a month or something on somebody else's movie, playing a great part, I'd do that. But to have the leading role and have the movie wrapped around what I'm doing, I can only do about every other year.

  • Toby Keith: (In response to fan club members who raised money for Ally's House) I want to thank all of my warriors who have supported Ally's House. You have raised a remarkable amount of money for families of children with cancer and honored Ally. That means so much to me. You really are the best.

  • Toby Keith: (On how he wrote I Love This Bar) I was sitting on the bus with co-writer Scotty Emerick one night after a show, and we had a little groove going on. We were just talking about all the characters you see in a bar and just started writing it. It didn't take very long. It just felt like a real good redneck sing-along song.

  • Toby Keith: The awards that make me the proudest are the ones voted for by the public, I want to thank my fans for supporting me through the years. I appreciate you all.

  • Toby Keith: (about singing Mockingbird with his daughter Krystal) She did a great job on the song and I am so proud of her.

  • Toby Keith: (about Krystal's singing) Krystal is an incredible singer and it is just as good as it gets to work with her.

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  • Toby's next studio album titled Big Dog Daddy will be released on June 12, 2007, its the first studio album he produced by himself

  • Toby's video A Little Too Late, was nominated for video of the year and male video of the year, for the 2007 CMT music awards.

  • Toby's next single High Maintenance Woman is set to be released to radio on February 12.

  • A Little Too Late ranked #11 on CMT's end of year countdown for 2006, and ranked #5 on GAC's end of year countdown.

  • In a poll in Country Weekly magazine Toby was voted man of the year for 2006.

  • Toby is being sued by Micheal McCloud, over his hit I Love This Bar, because McCloud claims that his song Tourist Town Bar and I Love This Bar have striking similarities.

  • Toby is GAC's artist of the month for December.

  • Toby donated an autographed hat for sale on ebay and all proceeds will go to the American Heart Association.

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