Tom Berenger

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Quotes (2)

  • Tom Berenger: Around mid-life everyone goes maniac a little bit.

  • (on being mobbed for autographs) Tom Berenger: It won't look like your handwriting because you're just being shoved and you're writing so fast. It can never look like your handwriting. You're either being pushed from behind or pushed from the side, even by the security guy, "Move along, keep moving."

Trivia (28)

  • In 2012, Tom won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie playing Jim Vance on Hatfields & McCoys.

  • Tom speaks fluent Spanish.

  • Tom donated his help and money to build a YMCA in Beaufort, South Carolina, nearby to where he lives.

  • Tom also speaks fluent Italian.

  • Tom is 5' 11".

  • Tom currently lives in South Carolina.

  • Tom used to be co-owner of a small private club in Wilmington, North Carolina called General Longstreet's Headquarters.

  • Tom used to be a flight steward for Eastern Airlines shortly after graduating from the University of Missouri.

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