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  • Tom McBeath: (on his favourite SG-1 episode) I really enjoyed Chain Reaction. There was a wonderful scene at the very end where Maybourne is in Jamaica and he's on the pay phone talking to O'Neill back at the base. We filmed this on Location in a place called English Bay, which is part of Vancouver that has palm trees and is very Jamaica-Like. There was a steel drum band playing in the background and one of the extras they had hired walked past me as I 'finished' my call and hung up the phone. All of a sudden, I grabbed her and we started dancing. Everyone was laughing and hey decided to keep it in. That was a lot of fun.

  • Tom McBeath: (about the fact that his character in Stargate SG-1 was "transformed" into a recurrent character) Well, when I auditioned for it they said it was possibly recurring, and then the first couple years I think I only did one a year, maybe two. But he was just this small, pain in the ass N.I.D. guy and relatively boring character to play. Luckily, they kept writing stuff and I got to fall out of uniform.

  • Tom McBeath: (about Colonel Harry Maybourne's crush on Colonel Carter on the tv show Stargate SG-1) Well, I got interviewed, I don't know, after the third episode or something, and I think it was in the second episode that there was a scene where I was working with Carter. There was a scene that they ran out of time and decided they didn't need. But it was a scene where it showed Maybourne sort of having this little... He finally found some human element in himself, and it was towards Carter. And it was, like, the first time he felt maybe he was attracted to someone.

Trivia (26)

  • Tom was in Bruce Beresford's Double Jeopardy which starred Tommy Lee Jones and Ashley Judd.

  • Tom's last role in a movie was in 2002 in the TV movie Sins of the Father

  • Tom's first acting job was in The Glitter Dome (1984).

  • Tom's natural eye colour is blue.

  • Tom is also a noted dancer.

  • Tom is an accomplished singer.

  • Tom's natural hair colour is brown.

  • Tom's favorite colour is blue.

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