Traci Bingham

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  • Traci: I had to have a large kitchen because I look to cook.

  • Traci: I can't live without my beauty products. I love to be in my bathroom with my candles lit, morning, noon and night. I like taking hot baths and hot showers, using my body scrubs and lotions.

  • Traci: My fiance and I had a few problems working through some of the things that he saw me say and do on the Surreal Life. Considering the company that I was in, Ron Jeremy & Trishelle from The Real World, I think I was pretty tame.

  • Traci: I enjoy reality TV shows. Watching them, and appearing in them. There's a spontaniety involved in the unscripted shows that I like to be involved with.

Trivia (21)

  • Her height is 5'7" (1.70 m).

  • Traci appeared as a 'Party Babe' in 1995 on Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight.

  • Traci has appeared in: Maxim, Stuff, Blender, FHM, and Glamour magazines.

  • Traci got her first break in television when she accepted a role on Fresh Prince of Bel Air in 1994.

  • Traci is involved with 'Heal The Bay' charity, as well as other environmental causes.

  • Traci joined forces with former Baywatch co-star and friend Pamela Anderson to lobby against Kentucky Fried Chicken. She wrote a letter demanding humane treatment of the chickens before they are slaughtered.

  • Traci likes to go 'antiquing' in her free time; shopping in pawn shops and thrift stores, looking for vintage furniture and accessories to decorate her home with.

  • Traci is a vegetarian.

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