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  • Tracie Thoms: I love doing ensemble work, which is one of the reasons why I always gravitated toward Rent-it's such an ensemble show, and everybody had their moment, and everybody got to support each other. And again, here I am, I keep repeating--I have this pattern in my life of being the new girl all the time.

  • Tracie Thoms: (About telling Jesse L. Martin that she was going to play Joanne while filming Law and Order with him) I'm like, "Hey Jesse, it looks like we're gonna be spending a lot of time together." And he's like, "We are?" I'm like, "Yeah. I'm Joanne." [imitates Jesse gasping] "ACTION!

  • Tracie Thoms: It's like, I'm like a RENThead, and somebody called me up and said, "Hey RENThead, why don't you be in the movie? Would you like that? Would that be fun for you?" I'm like, b-,b-, but before I was, you know, standing outside trying to get in to see the Rent, you know, and now you want me to be in the Rent. I don't understand, what happened? Who owed me a favor?

  • Tracie Thoms: Hi, my name is Tracie Thoms. I'm playing Joanne. Jefferson. Not of the Jeffersons on TV, but the Jeffersons of Rent. And, um, Im a lesbian lawyer, whose in love with Maureen.

  • Tracie Thoms: Acting is something that I just love to do. I trained for it 17 years. Every time I tried to walk away from it, I was miserable. It's like I have to do it. I try not to mystify the whole thing, but it really is a magical experience for me. It's hard to explain the joy I get from essentially dressing up and pretending I'm other people. Some days it seems rather silly to me. But then I remember what fuctions I serve as an actor. First and foremost, I am a storyteller. Without stories to tell and to listen to, life would be a boring, mundane place. I help people learn about things and experiences they might not know otherwise. I make people laugh, and sometimes make them cry. It's a very important responsibility.

Trivia (13)

  • Tracie is a self-proclaimed RENThead (aka hardcore Rent fan).

  • Tracie is 5'6".

  • Rent cast members say that Tracie says she can't sing. Rosario Dawson says she can't sing standing next to Tracie because Tracie is such an amazing singer.

  • Tracie, along with Rosario Dawson, was one of the Rent movie cast members that wasn't in the original broadway cast.

  • In the movie Rent, Tracie performed in Seasons of Love, The Tango: Maureen, La Vie Boheme, Take Me or Leave Me, I'll Cover You: Reprise, Goodbye Love, and Finale B.

  • Tracie graduated from Juilliard.

  • Tracie graduated from Howard University with a bachelor's degree in fine arts.

  • Tracie auditioned for rent on Broadway eight times but the casting department felt she, at 21, was too young for the part. She later auditioned for Joanne Jefferson and received the movie role.

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