Traylor Howard

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  • Traylor: (on how motherhood has changed her) I'm just happier. Having my son a bit later in life -- I'm soaking it up -- he is such a happy and playful soul who brings a huge amount of joy in our lives.

  • Traylor: (five words to describe herself) Curious, loyal, neurotic, passionate, playful.

  • Traylor: (on the negative aspect of having a successful acting career) People are usually really nice. But sometimes when they see you, they think that they know you. And they grab on you and touch you and pull you. You try to be nice. It's kind of weird because you don't know them. But I understand that they feel like they know me. Sometimes, it can be a little strange.

  • Traylor: (on her son) Sabu is beautiful, and he has such a sweet demeanor.

  • Traylor: We are all born with certain temperaments, so it's best to just go with it and not fight who we are.

  • Traylor: (on balancing motherhood and her career) All in all, it takes a lot of focus. I also try to take good care of myself because if I don't, I'm no good to him.

  • Traylor: (describing her co-star) Tony has a real purity about him. If he comes up behind you and puts his hand on you, you know it's Tony because he has such a sweet, gentle touch. And there's that same purity and sweetness to the character of Monk.

  • Traylor: (on her character on "Monk") Natalie is a mom, making her protective. She's bright, assertive, and patient. And now being with Adrian Monk is a new experience that she is into. She's almost like a Nancy Drew.

Trivia (23)

  • Traylor performed in the stage production of How I Fell in Love at the Williamstown Theatre Festival in Williamstown, Massachusetts in 2000.

  • Traylor did a Milky Way Lite commercial where she ate 200 Milky Way bars which she spit out. She appeared in at least 30 national commercials, among them a TV commercial for Tidy Cat kitty litter in 1996.

  • Traylor enjoys the music of Canadian singer-musician Sarah McLachlan.

  • Traylor enjoys tennis and is into Yoga. She tries to have some form of exercise at least four times a week.

  • After graduating from college, Traylor was employed in a greeting card company.

  • Traylor starred in the 2005 movie Son of the Mask as Tonya Avery, which also starred Jamie Kennedy, Alan Cumming, and Ben Stein.

  • Traylor Howard gave birth to a baby boy, Sabu, on November 24, 2006.

  • Traylor admits that being the "new girl" on the Monk set wasn't too difficult.

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