Tre Cool

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Star on Cuatro!


12/9/1972, Frankfurt, Germany

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  • Tre is the drummer in the band Green Day.

    Birth Name:

    Frank Edwin Wright III



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    Frankfurt, Germany

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    • Tre: I just go and play. It's not a question of resting or stopping or wimping out or hitting soft. I play as hard as I can. We just know how to wring ourselves out. On demand, we just put in every ounce of energy that we have. It's getting harder. The bigger places that we play it gets harder to get the energy, because it takes longer to get ready and you're there longer and it's boring and stuff. But we don't pace ourselves. By the end of it we're just wrecked.

    • Tre: It is, totally. The reason I just play the snare is that if you play the whole drum set when you're mad, it can sometimes piss you off more. Because it's a lot harder and you can be more critical. On a snare, you don't expect anything of what you're playing. But what happens is you end up doing something totally incredible with just one drum. And then you impress yourself.

    • Tre: My hands are the first things I have trouble with, because the calluses wear off. Like right now I've got totally baby hands. Usually it's like crazy calluses all over the place. So here's a drummer's tip __ soak your hands in salt water every day for a week before you go on tour again. It toughens up your skin. When you take a bath put tons of salt in the bath, swim in the ocean, go surfing or something every day for a week. It dries out the top three layers of skin with the salt, and strips the oil from it. You don't want any live skin touching the stick.

    • Tre: When we're on tour I play all day, and then we play a gig at night. We keep a little Slingerland practice kit backstage, the one that I actually use at my house. It has a rack tom and a snare and one cymbal and a hi-hat. We have little teeny amps for bass and guitar. And we just play backstage, like surf songs or whatever,because we don't stay in hotels. We stay at the gig on the bus and hang out with the crew all day. But I don't drum at home as much as when I'm on tour, because there's so much stuff to do around the house.

    • Tre: In fact, we have about 30 songs ready to record. By the time we get into a studio, we'll probably have 50. We made Insomniac a little weirder to help us avoid the sophomore slump and so that people don't think we're all commercial. But the new songs are catchy, catchy catchy!

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    • Tre' Cool wrote the song Rock n' Roll Girlfriend out of the 5 part song Homecoming from American Idiot.

    • Tre's dreamgirl at youth was named Glady Webster

    • Tre once milked a dog because he wanted milk for his coffee, and the house he was staying in didn't have any.

    • Tre locked Rob Cavalloin a closet during a recording day.

    • Tre joined Green Day when Al Sobrante left.

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