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  • Tyler: (About performing.) I'm addicted to the rush that comes when everything comes together, the music, the crowd, the whole thing and I get goose bumps playing a song, I've played hundred of times before. Nothing compares to that. Nothing.

  • Tyler: My job in the "music community" is to talk bout my life and adventures in songs and sing them. I mean, that's what I do! It's great.

  • Tyler: I'd really like to meet my fans because it seems like there isn't anyone out there. So, if anyone reads this, even the Amish, I really want to meet you! (laughs)

  • Tyler: (On his music) It's pop music. I'm not afraid to say that either. I love pop songs!

  • Tyler: I'm Tyler Hilton, and I am a Maverick singer/songwriter. And, I am a ping-pong extraordinaire.

  • Tyler: (On being famous) I think the best part is you get to do a lot of cool things. I think one of the cool things is just going out to clubs with your friends and you get like VIP rooms and stuff and that's pretty fun. The worst thing is probably when you go out in public and you see all these people looking at you and that's kind of crazy.

  • Tyler: I think fans on the east coast go to more concerts which is pretty cool and I think the west coast fans don't as much. But the west coast fans are very crazy at concerts.

  • Tyler: I had some close family friends with a studio and contact with lots of great players that played there often. They pulled a whole bunch of strings, we all pulled together any money we could, and with all of us really excited we made it over the course of six months or so. We're still really into what we did.

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  • Tyler collects Zippo lighters.

  • Tyler runs the nonprofit charity T.H. Books For Kids that works to provide books for kids who would otherwise not have them.

  • Tyler moved to Nashville in 2007 and said that was the best thing that had happened to him all year.

  • Tyler appears in Taylor Swift's music video for the song "Teardrops on My Guitar." He plays her love interest in the song, Drew. This role earned Tyler a CMT award nomination in 2008.

  • Tyler would like to collaborate with Jack White or Paul McCartney in the future.

  • Tyler's favorite food is meatloaf his favorite candy is snickers, and his favorite color is blue.

  • Tyler has 2 full-length albums out in stores.

  • Tyler loves to eat at diners.

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