Tyson Chandler

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Trivia (11)

  • Tyson won three state championships in his high school basketball career.

  • Tyson was high school basketball teammates with another future NBA star, Tayshaun Prince.

  • Tyson enrolled at Dominguez High School in Compton, California in 1997.

  • At age eleven, neighbors refused to give Tyson Halloween candy because they didn't believe of his age. Tyson was 6'4" at the time.

  • Tyson was nearly six feet tall by the time he was nine.

  • His normal everyday chores as a kid included milking cows, slopping pigs, and cultivating corn and okra.

  • As a young child, Tyson described his grandfather, Leo, as his best friend.

  • Tyson first started shooting basketballs at the age of three.

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