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  • Vaughn: (on working on Trek) There's nothing I like better than going to a set every single day. I can be on a set from six in the morning until three the next morning and beg for more. I know some actors complain about having to be there, which annoys me because there is nothing I would rather be doing.

  • Vaughn: In the last eight to ten years or so, I haven't been on a stage where I didn't know at least a couple of people in the play from something else we had done together.

  • Vaughn: (on the need for theatrics while under the mask) One of the nice things is that you get to put on all that makeup, and suddenly you have a Cardassian neck, for instance, that looks like it's been straining with tension for 50 million years, or you have a Klingon with a forehead that looks like they used to run into each other with their heads when they were growing up. That gives you some idea where they're coming from. I tend to start with the human behind the mask, then allow the mask to take its effect.

  • Vaughn: (on why he favours the Klingons) The Klingon holds a fond spot in my heart because he was the first. When I read that role, I thought, this is perfect for me. He's a warrior, he wants to live the way he was meant to live whether it hurts other people or not. It was sheer passion. Heart of Glory, it was called, and the character is just that. You can't not enjoy a character like that. And it sort of sparked the rest of them.

  • Vaughn: I've been an actor for 34 years, since the time I was 16. I was a little hoodlum growing up in a small town, and my mother was looking for some kind of activity. She offered me money to do something more positive, ten dollars to audition for this play in school. I got in it, and there were all these girls! Money and women were what got me into it. The reasons change as time goes on -- now it's money and my children. But I've never done really anything else.

Trivia (18)

  • Vaughn has mastered the banjolele, a combination of a banjo and ukulele, and uses it to entertain fans while he is on the convention circuit.

  • Adding to his long list of character roles on Star Trek over the years Vaughn has also lent his voice to 5 Star Trek video games.

  • Vaughn admits that he is an avid "Trekkie". While in college he watched reruns of the original series every night and kept up with the franchise through his father and brother, who are both big fans.

  • Vaughn's favourite Star Trek alien is the Klingon.

  • Vaughn's first co-starring turn with Kate Mulgrew came in a stage production of Shakespeare's Measure For Measure.

  • Vaughn has helped to build five theaters over the years.

  • Vaughn is the only actor to play a Klingon, a Romulan, a Cardassian, a Vidiian, and a Borg. He admits his only one remaining Star Trek would be to play a series regular.

  • Vaughn is featured in the various Star Trek card games as five of his best known characters.

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