Veronica Taylor

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  • Veronica: Even if Ash and Misty's relationship was true, Ash would never admit to being in love with Misty.

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  • At New York Anime Festival 2007, Veronica stated at a panel (alongside fellow voice actors Rachael Lillis and Jamie McGonnigal) that after the cast finished dubbing the first episode of Pokémon, she was fired from the role, however she was quickly rehired when no other suitable voice actors came along.

  • Veronica voiced Diglett in the video game Pokémon Channel.

  • Veronica voiced Mother in the animated movie Grave of the Fireflies.

  • Veronica voiced Lian in the animated film Legend of Lemnear.

  • Veronica voiced Yuri in the animated film Art of Fighting.

  • Veronica voiced Kurai in the animated movie Angel Sanctuary.

  • Veronica and fellow Pokémon co-star Maddie Blaustein are the only two voice actors to have their main character appear in all eight of the Pokémon movies dubbed by 4Kids Entertainment.

  • Aside from Ash, May, and Delia, Veronica also voiced the pokémon Diglett from the Pokémon series.

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