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  • Vincent: Yeah, I mean there's some of me in that character, but no I'm a very light hearted person in most circumstances. I should say, on the exterior, I'm a very light person. I tend to like to make jokes and I'm sarcastic and I'd like to think I'm witty and funny and I don't take myself seriously. But I also have that other side of me when I feel I've been improperly treated or if I feel I'm not happy with something I've done and I'm not happy with myself. I think everyone has more than one side to them.

  • Vincent: Oh my god! The people are great and I was terrified that I was going to show up and meet this bunch of nerdy people, but they're great! They're regular people, they're lovely people. You know, 99% of them were completely respectful of our time and personal space and are really good people who like the show a lot, and that's terrific. It's just that its not something I encounter a lot. You know, I live a life of anonymity and to be in a situation where thousands of people know who you are by sight, it's a unique experience, and quite a rush at times and quite a burden at others so it's a mixed blessing.

  • Vincent: I'm watching my first episode, and they're all talking about what's to come, something very dangerous--the destroyer. And then I appear, this little Peter Pan gone bad. And even Amy Acker is like, 'Yeah, I don't look so thin now, do I?'.

  • Vincent Kartheiser: For some reason I think words don't quite work when you're trying to explain the facts of life and what it means to be a suffering human.

  • Vincent Kartheiser: I'm with my mom so much that it's like if we go out to eat somewhere, we probably say ten sentences to each other. We're like an old couple. There's nothing that we have to say. It's okay to sit there and just be.

  • Vincent Kartheiser: I was such a nerd when I was younger and I may look different now and girls may like me, but I still feel like that nerd.

  • Vincent: I think it's healthy to hate. I think it's extremely healthy, because without hate, you cannot see love.

Trivia (25)

  • Vincent was nominated in 2008 for a SAG Award along with his Mad Men costars for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series.

  • His first movie role was a minor part in the 1993 film Untamed Heart.

  • Vincent has worked with his favorite actress, Monica Keena, in two films. They were both in Crime and Punishment in Suburbia and Strike!.

  • Vincent had said he enjoys rock climbing.

  • Some of Vincent's movie roles include: The character Pick in the film Alpha Dog and Thomas Caffey in the movie The Unsaid.

  • Vincent loves books and poetry. He enjoys George Orwell, Ranier Maria Rilke, Charles Dickens, and John Steinbeck.

  • Vincent dated actress Rachael Leigh Cook.

  • Since the age of nine, Vincent has been a chain smoker.

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