Vivian Vance

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  • Vivian (in 1965): I don't want to be a star - most of the ones I know are too unhappy.

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  • She didn't always get along with her co-star, who played the character Fred, on I Love Lucy.

  • Vivian didn't agree to play the character of Ethel Mertz on I Love Lucy at first. She thought the character was too frumpy.

  • Because of her work in the show The Trial of Mary Dugan, directors sent her to New York. There, she studied drama with Eva LeGalliene while looking for available roles on Broadway.

  • In 1945, Vivian suffered a nervous breakdown because of all the demands of life as an actress she had.

  • Throughout her life, Vivian struggled with psychosomatic illnesses and depression. She was involved with many organizations dedicated to helping others with the same illnesses.

  • Vivian's mother did not encourage or like the idea that Vivian wanted to act for a career.

  • When Vivian was only about 18 years old, she left Independence and went to Tulsa, Oklahoma and changed her name to Vivian Vance.

  • Vivian was 5'6".

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