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Star on South of Heaven, West of Hell


1/24/1947, Chicago, Illinois



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  • Warren Zevon, a story-telling, dry-witted yet humorous, genius musician was born in 1947. His early years were filled with mentors such as Robert Craft and Igor Stravinsky. It is reported that he scored the highest IQ ever recorded in the city of Fresno,CA. In the 1960's he toured with the Everly Brothers and recorded jingles for Boone's Farms Wines and Camaro. In 1969 his son Jordan was born to him and his wife, Crystal. In 1978 several of his songs were recorded by Linda Ronstadt including Poor,Poor Pitiful Me, his daughter Ariel was also born in this year. His greatest commerical hit the album Excitable Boy was released in the 70's with the well-loved hit Werewolves of London. He was treated for alcoholism in 1979 and his marriage to Crystal subsequently ended in 1980. In 1989 director Martin Scorcese used Werewolves in the movie The Color of Money and Warren's career was boosted again, he acted in tv shows such as NBC's Suddenly Susan and was a stand in for Paul Shaffer on The late Show with David Letterman. Warren had some weakness, dizziness and a persistant cough in 2002 which was diagnosed as mesothelioma with a poor prognosis. Warren's grandsons, Augustus Warren and Patrick Zevon Powell were born in June 2003. Warren was not leaving the house much but he was there for their births. Warren died on September 7, 2003. His last album The wind was released in August of that same year and went gold in five weeks, he won grammies(posthumously) in February 2004 for songs from this album and a duo collaberation with Bruce Springsteen.moreless

    Birth Name:

    Warren William Zevon



    Birth Place:

    Chicago, Illinois

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    • Warren Zevon: In ‘93 I was hired as musical director of the horribly short-lived — and, I thought, rather charming — NBC TV series Route 66. The producers found neither my score too weird nor the title song too ironic. Doomed.

    • Warren Zevon: You have to understand I have a very short attention span.

    • Warren Zevon: I know my image is supposed to be violent, and lots of cussing and everything, but there's a certain kind of inelegance that gives me the creeps.

    • Warren Zevon: You have to be awfully sure of yourself to say you'd never do a Gap ad.

    • Warren Zevon: If I had enemies I might want them to think I was heavily armed and fortified. As opposed to readily available and cheerfully, good naturedly available as we know that I am.

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    • Warren's first wife and mother of his son, Jordan, ironically was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer shortly after his death. Marilyn Tule Livingston died on March 3, 2004.

    • In February 2006 VH1 classics ran a video from a compilation of warren's work on Reconsider Me: The Love Songs of Warren Zevon called She's Too Good For Me which ran every hour on the hour that whole day in tribute to Warren.

    • When Warren was diagnosed with terminal cancer he remarked that he just wanted to live long enough to see the next James Bond movie. Which ironically turned out to be Die Another Day, Warren saw the movie.

    • Warren's songs Things to do in Denver When You're Dead was used in the Andy Garcia movie Things to do in Denver When You're Dead as the title track and the song Lawyers, Guns and Money is used as the theme song for Fox's Justice starring Victor Garber. Warren's songs have been in several movie soundtracks, for instance, a version of Jesus Was A Cross Maker was used in Cameron Crowe's Elizabethtown starring Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst.

    • Warren's song "Werewolves of London" was voted number one on the Jeremy Vine Show (BBC2) as the greatest opening line song poll in 2004. A tongue-in-cheek song which the chorus resounds an a-hoooo that is known by fans all over the world. Raúl Ibáñez, a Seattle Mariner's left-fielder uses "Werewolves" as his song when it comes up as his time to bat.

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