Wayne Rogers

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  • Wayne Rogers: I'm one of those actors who likes to do it wrong nine ways before I come to the tenth way, which is the way I think it should be.

  • Wayne Rogers: If I had known it would run that long (eleven seasons), I probably would have kept my mouth shut and stayed put.

  • Wayne Rogers: I love to be in the position of not knowing what I'm gonna do, but having rehearsed all of those so when something happens with the others actors I go with whatever that is I'm getting.

  • Wayne Rogers: Somebody once told me I shouldn't try to change Hollywood. That isn't my point at all. I don't want Hollywood to change me.

Trivia (16)

  • On on January 1st, 2007 he hosted a Mash Marathon called the "Mash Bash."

  • One of Rogers's biggest movie accomplishments was playing Michael Moore in Once in Paris in 1978.

  • One of Rogers's investments were in Kleinfeld, which was a bridal shop in New York City.

  • Before marrying Amy Hirsh, Rogers married Mitzi Rogers in 1960, only to divorce her nineteen years later in 1979.

  • Rogers married Amy Hirsh on December 8, 1988.

  • Rogers has oftentimes appeared on the Fox News Channel as a financial expert.

  • Rogers's debut in theaters was Robert Wise's Odds Against Tomorrow. However, Rogers almost didn't get the part because Wise did not like the way Rogers made his autographs.

  • Some of Rogers's hobbies outside of acting are reading, playing tennis, and playing baseball.

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