Wendee Lee

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  • Wendee Lee makes a rare on-camera appearance as she is interviewed by Haruhi Suzumiya (Patricia Ja Lee) on The Adventures of the ASOS Brigade EP 004.1 which can be found online as well as in the Haruhi Vol. 3 bonus features.

  • She voices Raquel Applegate in the videogame, "Wild Arms 4"

  • She is “fascinated by Japanese culture”, but, has never gone. She would, however, like to go.

  • She loves both voice acting and directing a lot, but prefers voice acting.

  • She has seen the original Japanese version and has read the manga of Love Hina.

  • She voices Succubus in the videogame "Castlevania: Lament of Innocence"

  • She voices Lola in the video game "Beat Down: Fists of Vengeance".

  • She voices Stephania Wojinski in the videogame "Breakdown".

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