William Dozier

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  • (on Batman) William Dozier: ABC had bought the concept without any idea what to do with it. I bought a dozen comic books and felt like a fool doing it. I read them, if that is the word, and asked mysefl what to do with this? Then I hit on the idea of camping it.

  • William Dozier: I was taken aback, Batman was simply not my ken. I have always been associated with loftier projects.

  • William (On teaching): There hasn't been a meaningful show since The Defenders and I would like my students to be fired up with a determination to reshape television.

Trivia (15)

  • William did the narration for both Batman and The Green Hornet. He was uncredited for the work.

  • William was the head of Greenway Productions.

  • When Prince Philip of England visited Hollywood in 1966, William Dozier was among the attendees.

  • According to Batman artist, Carmine Infantino, William got the idea for a tv show from one of his comic covers at an airport.

  • William based his knowledge of Batman around a few select comics he could find in 1965. They were: Batman #171, World's Finest #149 and Detective Comics #329.

  • William was know as "The Super Bat Chief" on set.

  • It was William that came up with the idea of labeling everything that had anything to do with Batman, such as: Batpoles, Interdigital Batsorter..etc.

  • William recruited some of the most well known character actors in Hollywood to create his memorable "special villian of the week".

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