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  • Yvonne: (on normally not using her original Australian accent in her acting) It would be so weird to do something like that in my own accent. I’m really not used to doing anything in my own accent any more so it is actually more normal for me to put on an accent. I feel more comfortable doing that than doing my own, which is odd at this point.

  • Yvonne: (on her role in 24) I liked the fact that we meet Kate at a low point in her life, you know, she doesn’t have it all together. She’s been demoted from her job, which means she obviously has professional problems going on as well as personal problems because her husband was found out to be selling government secrets to a foreign government. So I feel like at the time she had it really gave me a starting point with somewhere to go from and somewhere to go up from, which is what we’re seeing Kate do now in this journey.

  • Yvonne: (on her role in 24) I liked where she was at in her life, I liked the fact she was being demoted, I liked the fact she was this great agent who had lost everything because her husband, who had been an agent as well, was selling secrets to a foreign government and she didn't see it,

  • Yvonne: (on her role in 24) I think it’s a really great starting point for a character, it gives her a chance to go somewhere, to build and have a journey. Also the greatest thing about 24 is there is always so much going on, it is so layered and every character has something to sink their teeth into.

  • Yvonne: (on her role in 24) She's got Jack Bauer–isms, for sure. She's impulsive and bends the rules and takes matters into her own hands. She's a great agent, but she's been demoted because she messed up. She married another CIA agent who she didn't know was selling secrets to a foreign government.

  • Yvonne: I cried. I'm a crier. I always cry. I cry at the dumbest things, too. This is why I sort of steer clear of movies and films that I know are going to be depressing. I don't care how many awards they've won — I know they’re good, I don't need to watch them because I don't want to be depressed and I don't want to cry. This is a revelation, you know. I've never spoken about this before.

  • Yvonne: (on Louis C.K.) Louis is an amazing comedian and that was something that was half intimidating, half exciting working with him on a show that’s so critically acclaimed.

  • Yvonne: (on doing a scene in the Water in the TV series Louie) I went into the water. It was October or September, and it was cold. If they had asked me to do that six months prior, I would have been so terrified, which I kind of still was. I grew up being scared of the water, which is embarrassing to say as an Australian, but it’s true. I was never a water person. Then last summer, I got into surfing. It was a fluke. I fell in love with it, the feeling of being on a board and standing on a board and catching waves even though I am terrified of the waves and the deep water. Before I started surfing, I don’t even know if I would have dived into the water at night alone…I remember I felt the ocean sucking me in and it was quite powerful. But I did it! I did it twice. Who knew on a comedy I’d have so much stunt work to do

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  • Yvonne first acting was in a school production of Shakespear's comedy Twelfth Night, where she did the role of one of the main characters, Viola.

  • Yvonne parents were originally from Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Poland.

  • Yvonne parents are Bozena and Piotr Strzechowski. Her father was an electronic engineer and her mother was lab technician.

  • Yvonne was born in Werrington Downs, a suburb of Sydney.

  • Yvonne worked in the Mass Effect video games, being the voice and model for the character Miranda Lawson.

  • Yvonne's zodiac sign is Leo.

  • Between 2010 and 2012, Yvonne was nominated three years in a row for a Teen Choice Award in the category of Choice TV Actress: Action for her role in the TV series Chuck. She won it once, the first year, in 2010.

  • In 2011, Yvonne with her Chuck co-star Zachary Levi were nominated for a TV Guide Award in the category of Favorite Couple Who Have.

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