Zoran Vidinovski

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Wildcard Housemate [Series 7] on Big Brother (Australia)


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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  • Zoran was a contestant on the 2007 season of Big Brother. He made it to the final six, before being evicted in a double eviction with fellow house-mate, Joel. Zoran works as a club co-ordinator in Quennsland, Australia.

    Birth Name:

    Zoran Vidinovski



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    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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    • Zoran: (asked what the message was that Aleisha gave him from Daniela that made him cry) We were walking towards the graveyard area to put her tag up and Aleisha (Cowcher) said 'Daniela really wanted you to put her tag up.' I turned around and said 'Why does she want me to put her tag up?' and Aleisha told me that Daniela (Da Silva Pola) I didn't really know how much she cared about me. If I knew that then I would have never nominated her.

    • Zoran: Big Brother once said to me, 'Live life a little and bite off more than you can chew.'

    • Zoran: (asked to rate his time in the house, 1 being bad and 10 being fantastic) I would rate it 11/10. Purely because it's something that not many people get to experience and I feel very blessed to have been chosen.

    • Zoran: (asked if he thinks it's worth auditioning for the "Big Brother" series) Absolutely I would recommend auditioning. Make sure you don't audition to go into the House to try and "find yourself" or be something you're not.

    • Zoran: (asked why he thought Zach kept saying he was intimidated by Zoran) He said to me 'Zoran and Travis, you are the kind of guys that would have bashed me in high school'. So we were saying 'Mate, there's no way we would ever do that'. Every time I spoke to him he kind of leant back and I didn't want him to be intimidated so I tried to make him feel comfortable, I even flirted around with him a bit to try and make him feel better and he actually said to me 'Zoran, you've really broken down the barriers for me in the last few weeks'. He's a really good guy, so I'm really glad he's still in the house.

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    • Among Zoran's celebrity crushes is actress Eliska Amor who coincidentally has a long-distance friendship with Aleisha Cowcher, who went on to win Big Brother in 2007.

    • After being evicted from Big Brother, Zoran revealed his only strategy whn entering the house was to keep his friends close and his enemies even closer, but said when he got in there he realised that wouldn't work.

    • Zoran got his chest waxed for the first time during Big Brother. Fellow housemates, Zach and Aleisha (Cowcher) did the waxing.

    • Zoran did not originally plan to audition for the seventh season of Big Brother. He was attending studies on the day of the auditions, which were held at his university. Instead of attending his lectures, he lined up to take part of the sudition process instead.

    • After leaving the "Big Brother" compound, Zoran revealed his favorite games night on Friday Night Live was the Gladiator night.

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